Gespap represents Varel (Papier und Kartonfabrik Varel), the highest quality cardboard manufacturer in all its varieties.


The multi-functionality of our cardboard products is what makes our product range stand out.

Grey and brown cardboard, pigmented, white or coated and laminated grades are manufactured with a special focus on performance and processing characteristics.

The JadeBoard product family always provides the right raw material for packaging for the food industry, hygiene and medical field, and for the household and industrial goods segment. Special solutions for industrial applications, refrigerated and frozen products and at points of sale (POS) are not a problem thanks to our broad product range.

Our solid board in particular has high strength characteristics thanks to a homogeneous material structure. A high degree of strength is achieved with little material, providing extreme resilience and various design possibilities.

Our cardboard quality is assured by rigorous quality control measures and passed on to our customers certified.


We have two lines of cardboard:

Machine 2: Laminated Solid Board

Machine 3: White lined chipboard