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tejidos mascarillasIn response to the Covid-19 pandemic, Hifyber has developed a revolutionary facemask media, HF-SPS55-FM series produced with the proprietary electrospinning nanofibers and multilayer design, which provides exceptional breathability and comfort over long periods of use. The CDC recommends an N95 filtering facepiece respirator (FFR) which filters out at least 95% of very small (0.3 micron) particles, including bacteria and viruses. Hifyber has various facemask filter media options that effectively captures up to 99% of 0.3 micron particles and achieves %99,7 (BFE) / %99,9 (PFE) filtration performance. HF-SPS55-FM22 and FM33 materials have been tested and certificated by Nelson Labs and NC State University’s Nonwoven Institute in the USA. Hifyber production capacity is over 1 million m2 per month for the FFP2 / N95 grade facemask media.

  • Hifyber offers an alternative material to the mask industry by increasing the particle retention capability of polypropylene spunbond fabric in 0.2-0.3 micron from 3-8% level to 99.5% thanks to the nanofibres it uses with high technology.
  • Hifyber face mask fabrics contribute to the production of long-lasting and high efficiency masks by preventing the use of unnecessary layers and extra costs in mask combination.
  • Nowadays, this dust retention rate is obtained with electrostatically charged meltblowns, but since the charging feature of the meltblown fabric is very sensitive, its effect disappears in a short time and loses its performance layer feature in the mask.
  • At this point, innovative Hifyber face mask fabrics, which exhibit long-term and stable filtration performance, become a new breath and solution partner for the manufacturers.


HIFYBER obtained Nelson Lab reports for BFE and PFE results for FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3, as well as Ekoteks report for Type-I and Type-II products . Test results are provided under request.

                                                               Competitors                                     vs                                       HIFYBER 
  • Typically used meltbolwn process. Initial filtration efficiency sharply decreases as electrostatic force discharges with usage.   
  • After discharging, conventional masks’ filtration effectiveness degrades significantly whereas Hifyber facemask nanofiber webs will retain its effectiveness.

  • Colossal surface area created from the web of nanofibers highly increases the mechanical filtration efficiency.
  • Due to advantages of pure mechanical properties, the face mask continues to maintain its high efficiency throughout its lifetime.
  • Hifyber’s unique web structure allows effective filtration of harmful particles.


Dimensional info of master rolls;

Roll width: 1500mm

Roll length : 1450 meters

Roll diameter: 750-780 mm

Core diamater: 76 mm

1 Master roll weight: 120 KG

1 m2: 52-55 gr

1 Master Roll: 2175 m2

Production can slit down the master rolls to smaller widths upon our customers preference. Just as an example; 1500mm width of a master roll can be slitted down to 6 of 250mm wide rolls. Please see the example image below.


Tejidos para mascarillas