HIFYBER produces 100 % sintentic nanofibers media filter  for HVAC filters, using the electrospun tecnology from the second generation machines of Elmarco.

HIFYBER product lines:


  • Pleatable HVAC nanofiber medias – for compact and casette filters- SERIE HF-SPP65

The series HF SPP65 consists in fully synthetic eco-friendly multilayer nanofiber structure. It eliminates the concerns of fiber shedding, which is an advantage in comparison to Glassfiber tecnology. The conventional glassfiber is very delicated: it looses easily its shape and has got shedding problems.

HIFYBER medias provide significantly lower initial and operating pressure drop (72 Pa initial @3400 m3/h).

It succesfully reduces the energy consumption , obtaining the Eurovent A+ rating.

In addition, thanks to the electrospun technology, HYFIBER media achieves the highest mechanical efficiency, as it does not rely on electrostatic charge. It is a very important difference with the conventional medias for HVAC, where media filters are made by “Charged meltblowns”.  In conventional medias, efectiveness depends on the charge, which decreases with usage. On the contrary, HIFYBER media filters relays its efectiveness only in mechanical properties, which are stable and durable.

All this translates to a Increase of filter life, more efficient and a economic solution.

The sintetic HIFYBER nano filers are effective in capturing submicron particles which are most hazardous for human health.


  • Non-pleatable HVAC nanofiber medias – for pocket filters- SERIE HF-PFP50

The series HF PFP50 are designed with a non-shed, moisture resistant, nanofiber synthetic media able to capture small particles from the air stream.

The ultrasonic welding process provides a product with no stitch holes to prevent any possible air leakage. It can be easlily ultrasonic welded.

These media filters are available in a wide range of sizes, depths and number of pockets also in various grades and specific design for optimum air flow.

The initial preassure drop is also low.

These media filters are made also using electrospun technology, with which media filters efectiveness relays only in purely mechanical properties. Thus, HIFYBER media does not dependent on progressively decreasing electrostatic charge, as is the

case with conventional “charged meltblown” HVAC media.


Competitors HIFYBER 

  • Use meltblown process. The efectiveness of the filtration decreases as electrostatic foce discharges with use.
  • High initial preassure drop.
  • Colossal surface area does not allow high uptake of harmful particles
  • Colossal surface area does not allow high uptake of harmful particles.
  • Higher energy waste.


  • The colossal surface area created from the nanofiber network greatly increases mechanical filtration efficiency.
  • Due to the advantages of pure mechanical properties, the filter continues to maintain its high efficiency throughout its life.
  • Hifyber’s unique network structure allows efficient filtration of harmful particles.
  • Low initial pressure drop. Lower power consumption.