Gespap is the representative of HIFYBER (Açık Kart Bilgi Teknolojileri) in the Spanish and Portuguese market.

HIFYBER, located in Denizli, Turkey, is a company of the Abalioglu Holding group that has 2,500 employees with a turnover of $ 1.3 billion in USD. We are experienced in producing nanofiber-based polymeric filter media for various large-scale filtration applications.
Our innovative nanofiber production technology represents a breakthrough in air and liquid filtration by providing extremely low pressure drop, highly durable nanofibers, and longer filter life.
Hifyber nanofibers are produced using the latest needleless electrospinning technology, giving continuous fibers an average fiber size of 125nm.
Hifyber Nanofiber Media has exceptional uniformity and is used worldwide in numerous applications in a variety of markets due to its long life, robust bonding, high mechanical efficiency, and lower power consumption, along with a wide range of commercial products. .

Hifyber has been researching nanofibers for over 5 years and has incorporated its proprietary technology into the manufacture of its nanofibers to provide better filament and web uniformity, low pressure drop, and most importantly, increased nanofiber durability in the industry. Durability tests with VDI 3926 clearly demonstrated Hifyber’s superiority against various competitors. This durability allows customers to fold with high speed rotary or sheet folders without damaging the nano fibers.

Our proprietary nanofibers meet the demands of various filtration applications, including gas turbines, industrial dust collection, HVAC, cabin air, engine intake, electrical discharge machining (EDM), and customer-specified compounds.