Hyfiber media filters based on nanofibers are known for its high dust holding capacity, lowest pressure drop, flame retardant, hydrophobic and superior lifetime. The products are available on blend (80% cellulose – 20% synthetic) or fully synthetic media base.

Durability without sacrificing from air permeability is our unique sales point that we have proven both on the field with our customers and with 3rd party tests.

Based on VDI 3926 test standard, HIFYBER has consistently produced better dust release and longer cycle times compared to its competitors. This improvement in durability enables customers to pleat using high speed rotary or blade pleaters without causing damage to nanofiber layer.

We can offer nanofiber media in wide range of grades: F7-F8-F9 (MERV 13-16) / E10-E11-E12 with different media designs.

If heat is very high on the turbine/engine area, Flame Retardant versions are recommended. In high humid areas, “Hydrophobic versions” are recommended.

Upon customers’ request, we can offer our nanofiber medias either on blend (%80 Cellulose -%20 Synthetic) or Fully Synthetic (%100 Synthetic) base media.

These products can be used on every Gas Turbine Filters and Motor Filters. The nanofibers are on the surface of the base material and this allows the filters to be cleaned by Jet-Pulse Systems. The main point here is the “Dust Release Performance”. The durability of our nanofibers provide a better dust release from the surface of the filter after the pulse-jet cleaning and nanofibers still remain on the surface of the media. This allows to long lasting lifetime of the filter.

In the following links you can find Technical Data Sheets of our blends (80% Cellulose -20% Synthetic) or Fully Synthetic medias in F9 efficiencies. All products can be produced in various efficiencies such as F7,F8, F9 (EN779:2012) and also E10,E11 E12 ( EN1822):