DISTRIBUTOR tissue & paper

Tissue recycled and paper for industrial applications and tablecloths

Tissue recycled/ ECOGREEN (REC. 70º) WS

Tissue recycled/ OVATTA NAZIONALE (REC. 75º) WS

ANTISKID Coated paper or coated board, Water repellent, resource saving / slip angle > 65 ­degrees

Brown recycled low cobb VIPBROWN S / protective paper, painting

Brown recycled /  VIPBROWN / protective paper

White recycled 60º / VIPFLEX 60H / tablecloths, wrapping, printting

White kraft 100% cellulose/ VIPKRAFT MG / packaging, laminating, graphic, wrapping

Brown KRAFT recycled / MAFOLINE / food packaging, bags

Brown recycled high resistance / Avana kraft Boutique/ boutique bags and sand bags.