Gespap represents Polycart, a large Italian manufacturer of Biocompostable materials, such as films and bags.


At Polycart we produce films and biocompostable packaging that contribute to the protection of the environment. We have implemented the Ecosystem-friendly production cycle, thanks to the use of compostable and bio-based raw materials.

Since 1995 we have developed products based on Mater-Bi, anticipating current market demand. In fact, Polycart was one of the first to experiment with Mater-Bi, a material patented by Novamont S.p.A.

What is Mater-Bi®?

It is a completely biodegradable and compostable material. These two properties allow a plastic material to be recovered through ORGANIC RECYCLING OF ORGANIC SOLID WASTE (composting and anaerobic digestion) and are specified in the European standard EN 13432.


Biodegradability is the ability of organic substances and materials to break down into simpler substances through the (enzymatic) activity of microorganisms.
When the biological process is concluded, a total transformation of the initial organic substances into simple inorganic molecules is obtained: water, carbon dioxide and methane.


What is Mater-Bi® made off?


– from non-genetically modified plants

– from European cultivation according to GAP (Common Agricultural Policy in the EU)

– The raw material of Mater-Bi® is not grown in forests or on natural surfaces

Vegetable oils:

For the production of the components of the third generation Mater-Bi® materials, oils from non-genetically modified plants are used and planted in dry areas where they do not require water. No soy oil or palm oil is used.

The raw materials used for Mater-Bi® come from non-genetically manipulated plants and are controlled by the supplier regarding the method of mass balance or segregation.

Back to nature


Compostability is the ability of an organic material to become compost through the composting process. Composting is an aerobic biological process (which takes place in the presence of oxygen), controlled by man. It leads to the production of a MIX OF ORGANIC MATTER.



Compost is an OPTIMAL FERTILIZER, as it contains many organic substances and microorganisms useful for the soil. The contribution of organic substance improves the structure of the soil and the bioavailability of nutrients (phosphorus and nitrogen compounds).

Products and Applications

With the Mater-Bi® solutions and products are made, with a reduced environmental impact, for everyday life. Currently there is a full range of applications with Polycart film, at the service of food packaging:


Almost 20 years of ISO certified work and 39 years of activity in the field have made Polycart a perfect business partner that can guarantee reliability, flexibility, high quality and precision. Polycart has always been fully committed to Mater-Bi / Novamont projects. Today, this growing dedication translates into consistent investments in machinery and “people.” The objective of these investments is to improve quality levels and increase customer satisfaction.